LA PETITE VILLA ® – Vacation rentals, East Coast, Mauritius.


Conditions of stay / visit: All visits / stays, whether directly or on reservation portals, are to comply with our General Rental Conditions as follows:

La Petite Villa is a tourist residence, under the registered trademark LA PETITE VILLA ®, in Mauritius.

Booking conditions: You can book our accommodation service, in any of the available portal, depending on the region of the world, where you have access. Today, there is an extensive list of online ads through the travel portals listed on the web. Although each portal has specific booking conditions, you can request any information about it, either phone or email to your host. You can also choose any online booking on the website.
Our clientele: LA PETITE VILLA ® has so far welcomed people from many parts of the world, from China to the United States of America. While LA PETITE VILLA ® continues its services dedicated to renting, taking care of our customers and their specific needs, you can always help, giving an idea of ​​improvement or implementation, via our e-mail on this site,or on the evaluation page,of

Dedicated Hosting: Each group of guests, will be greeted by a dedicated host, to take care of their needs. While you can communicate directly with him, through the portals, the host will also make sure that you have his mobile phone number, including a faster means of communication, towards your needs. The host (only one) will be at your attention, throughout your stay.
Independent services(partners/collaborators/cooperators): the host can recommend you to external services, provided by independent operators of our business activity, either directly or through the website. LA PETITE VILLA ®, under no circumstances, is responsible for the conditions, of independent services listed on the

Losses, theft or other major cases: On each check-in, the customer will be made aware of the available security facilities. The customer is recommended to use security: such as electronic safe, to keep their materials. The client is also recommended to make use of the alarm, before going out or for the night stay, because the insurance is dependent upon. If major events occur, the customer is invited to communicate with his host immediately, for assistance. The customer is responsible for his luggage and items during his stay. When checking out, it is imperative that the client check if they have not left any items, because of other upcoming visits and cleanings, and people who will come after. LA PETITE VILLA ®, does not refund any items / loss, after check-out.
Tour of the village: The host will make each group stay a guided tour of the village by appointment in advance. If there are no vehicles available the host can request to tour with you, in your vehicle,if you consent to. The host will also ensure that the accommodation is presented fully, with all the features, and that your booking and conditions are met throughout your stay.
Travel Portals: Today, the reservation is made only through approved travel portals:, tripadvisor are such examples. Only these portals approved today have our descriptions of the ads, reviews, details, information and photos of our tourist residence and hosting services, whereby our targeted clientele knows how to contact their host. LA PETITE VILLA ® does not share information about guests’ stay, images or other information, on other websites, with the exception of the travel portal sites where the brand is registered.

Information and public posts: LA PETITE VILLA ® does not share information with the public, other than its approved portals. The sharing of information (sound recordings, videos, data, etc.) to portals, other than the travel portals where reservations have been announced, is prohibited. LA PETITE VILLA ® encourages a healthy and confidential holiday for these clients and thus even encourages people, visitors to communicate with the manager first, and as needed, to ensure privacy and security,of provided information, in the future. If you have preoccupying topics, please call the number in the contacts page directly. You can also contact your host (only) directly via your travel portal. LA PETITE VILLA ®, shares the same policy for its staff.

Allergies or medical care: If you have allergies (chlorine – water for the pool, or other) or any other medical care that requires special attention, please contact your host before or on your arrival date.
Check-in: All guests through the check-in, are required to complete a form of assessment of cleanliness, comfort, equipment, safety, among other criteria, before the delivery of the keys of LA PETITE VILLA ® . If you have not done so: LA PETITE VILLA ® believes that: you are fully satisfied and have checked everything, when the keys are handed over. The check-in is done with your host, at the time of entrance, to ensure that tourist residence, meets fully your expectations, and the satisfaction of the services accomplished, for your future stays. During the check-in, you are requested: amiable request appointment with your host, so that the establishment is delivered within reasonable delay. You are also requested to confirm your stay, after the presentation of the venue and checks, which takes about 30 minutes; In case you stay after, LA PETITE VILLA ® believes that you are satisfied with the rental, and that you are a buyer.

Questions, stays & rates: If you have any questions, please communicate only to your host: your arrival time. Stays / bookings are non-refundable. If you have any questions during your stay: please call the host and he (only), or you can also call your booking site.
Tasting: Your host can invite you for a tasting of a dinner or lunch, in the establishment, to discover the traditional dishes | spicy island.
Hosting service:LA PETITE VILLA ®, is a unit of 3 bedrooms, private and fenced, walled in a quiet environment. There are no other rentals in the same yard. The pool is private per stay. Pool maintenance is done twice a week. Sometimes, you can receive visits from BRINKS security agents, to make sure everything is in order on your vacation. You can also receive visits from the island’s officers for a health check, for example if you have traveled to Africa, among others. While LA PETITE VILLA ® ensures your privacy, some visits are important for maintenance, health and safety for our customers.
Maintenance Officers: An appointment (general maintenance and security, or officers of the Ministry of Health) may be requested, through a date scheduled with your consent and approval, if necessary.

Visits: the host can also come to visit from time to time, to make sure that everything goes well and the holidays are well tuned to your inspirations.

Location and address: LA PETITE VILLA ® is on google maps and you will find a map on our site seb, while the host will also contact you with a phone number and directions, directly to our customers. LA PETITE VILLA ® is a rental service on the east coast of Mauritius.

Visitors: Please ensure that, if you wish to visit, call: for taking a meeting. Although the courtyard door could be left open, it is not recommended to enter without the manager’s agreement; because the internal alarm can sound without yourself being aware  of, and you can meet security officials to check the surroundings: Please call, if you want to visit, seize, or take photos: this way, you can welcome, at best
Broken Items / Maintenance: While all care is taken at the reception and accommodation of our travelers at the check-in; The guarantee that everything works well, during your stay, for your holidays, can not be done without your cooperation. Therefore, if you find something that is wrong (broken or otherwise), please notify your host and he will do the best to resolve, within a reasonable time. If you ask or do not find that all accommodation is suitable for your needs, please notify immediately by email: info @, one hour after your check-in. Your host, will come to you, or will call you.
Support / advice / Interventions / help: Do not hesitate to communicate with your host, by which he will provide you with contact details.
Emergency: Please contact your host for any emergency, It is at your disposal 24/7.

General communications (terms & conditions): LA PETITE VILLA ® is in contractual agreements with the travel portals and the advertisers, as well as the search engines (For example: google business) to which our service mark is published . In addition, this website is at your disposal, as a platform for general communication & information dissemination to all: customers, speakers, visitors, contacts and supporters. You will be able to see all our activities under the brand LA PETITE VILLA ®.

Management: The only manager to date, will communicate to you through your portal indicating LA PETITE VILLA ®, which will be at your disposal, during your stay, for any communication and resolutions. You agree in these terms and conditions to keep the confidentiality and private data of the company, such as personnel information, court of establishment, services and any other data concerning and related to the unit rented, adhere with national laws, data protections.

Currently, there is no group / person / team or intermediary acting on behalf of LA PETITE VILLA ®, with the exception of the person, who will contact you on your reservation portal, which is confidential to customers: so your manager.

Refund / s: Normally, our reservations, are linked to strict conditions of non-refund. You have a delay, after your reservation, on certain portals, to make the deposit or payment (please contact us for more details). from this space time, you can confirm your dates of flights, holidays, etc. Therefore, please contact the establishment, to resolve any conflicts if there are any. If for any obvious reason, the day of your return (check-in), you do not wish to stay at LA PETITE VILLA ® or the establishment is not able to accommodate you, your communication, with your host, upstream, will be very useful and recommended. If, in case, LA PETITE VILLA ®, can not accommodate you, we will make sure in our availability to relocate you in another similar / equivalent establishment or find a solution of agreement, according to your terms of reservation of your portal. In extreme cases, or major case, over your booking conditions of your portal: you want any refund, you agree that the request is made through the same portal, and that it is they who will communicate the details. In such cases, if a refund is agreed, LA PETITE VILLA ® reserves the right to withhold cancellation and transfer handling fees, and the date of refund.

It is the responsibility of the clients of LA PETITE VILLA ®, to ensure that their booking has been confirmed, before / during their reservation through the online portals and confirmed your reservation before your stay, with LA PETITE VILLA ®  host. You can send an email: [email protected] or through a phone call to (+230 57275626), with a request for confirmation, about your reservation (name, reservation number, name of the portal dates, etc.), before coming for your holiday, at least 7 days in advance. Otherwise, if no reservations have not been communicated by your portals and have not reached LA PETITE VILLA ® and re-confirmed: may not be present to host you. This is to ensure that the confirmation actually arrives to LA PETITE VILLA ®, while different portals are governed by different regulations and the point is to ensure yourself directly by contacting LA PETITE VILLA ® of your reservations , deposits, refunds / relocations etc as well as other factors, are up to date, above all, while communicating directly.

Privacy Policy and Privacy: You agree that according to these terms and conditions of accommodation: That you will respect the policy and laws of confidential information relating to Mauritius and your resident countries, either through your stays and your visits to LA PETITE VILLA ® and to no other communication groups: either through the web (facebook or others), or directly (whatsapp). You are kindly requested to contact your host,for any issues relating to your stay,directly,by mail or phone(23057275626).

Terms and conditions: The website, terms and conditions are updated regularly, although there may be errors (for example: an operator’s phone number or website errors, or photos etc.): The webmaster / designer is not responsible for these. Photos and infos: are non-contractual, they can vary according to the climate, the age and the renewal, as well as other factors. LA PETITE VILLA ® does not commit to regularly update, photos or info. You will also agree that the effect of posting poor quality photos online, can harm the reputation of property, as well as you will respect the good taken in photos, to post on the ads online. Please contact by [email protected], for any errors or updates that you wish to notify. Lastly, LA PETITE VILLA ® is not responsible for the information that is provided by third parties, operators, web resources for construction, or others for our services, outside, sites / communications governed by LA PETITE VILLA ®. The terms and conditions of this information sheet, may be changed at any time, for future use, and apply to all readers, visitors, customers, partners, operators etc. Any reservation made by portals, directly or via agencies, applies to these terms and conditions of operations of LA PETITE VILLA ®.

Animals: You agree that under your visit / accommodation at LA PETITE VILLA ®, you will not feed any animals,into the yard. You can feed them eat outside the yard, because sometimes stray dogs / animals in Mauritius are affected by diseases. You can also contact the society for the welfare of the animals in Mauritius, about it-MSAW ( T: 4545084). The aim: Protection of animals, visitors and customers. Sometimes an injured animal may react differently to people nearby. For any: diseases / attacks with stray animals, the management abstains from any compensation, for any incident inside the yard.

Visits: For all visits during your stay your host will contact you. To manage the number of visits / visitors, please make your reservation online (some portals offer you the reservation with a few days without payment, before your deposit, such, and make a request for visit on the premises,specifying the number of persons to stay. Then you can talk with your host, if you want to proceed with payment, or cancellation. This is due to the many requests for visits that are regularly received.

Customers, visitors, tourism operators, suppliers, and others: If you are among the contacts, that LA PETITE VILLA ®, receives: This regulation is intended for you,to properly understand and comply with the operating conditons of LA PETITE VILLA ® and communicate properly to your hosting service.

Offers: Service offers of independent operators, are in constant changes: If you want to confirm availability, of offers, call me. The images, descriptions, housing and services and other offers and information: are updated occasionally, and if you want any updated information, by portals, or info, services or other, after your reservation, please do contact me.

Micro-equipment: LA PETITE VILLA ®, under no circumstances, exposes the information inside the establishment, by means of micro-capture devices or transfers of information, by antennas or other telecommunication channels, others. LA PETITE VILLA ®, privilegess healthy private and confidential holidays, for its customers and visitors, like any other establishment of its category. In addition to, LA PETITE VILLA ® has a unique BRINKS antenna, inside, which retransmits information of the alarm only, to the company in question, and makes no other way of collecting information even in the yard, to protect the information of customers, managers, visitors, and staff, for a healthy holiday.

These: terms and conditions apply to all: Any reservation made through portals, directly or through agencies, and for readers to our ads and information on the website or visitors coming to LA PETITE VILLA ®, and supersedes any other agreements (reservation, settlement agreements, etc.), clauses, terms of service, conditions of operations etc. online portals, or any other contracts .This regulation is the only regulation applicable to any arising conflicts,if occured, to other contracts, online portal agreements,direct bookings, etc and apply to all stakeholders,of the uniqu entity LA PETITE VILLA®

Publications / reproductions: Any right in reproductions of images, sounds, or videos, information (recipes, receptions, interior decoration, customer services, information of operations, details of the employees, meals etc, blogs of the services) of the brand LA PETITE VILLA ® , other than our contractual platforms with portals, business sites and tourism site, are prohibited, without the consent of the owner.

Confidentiality: You agree to these terms and conditions, that the privacy policy and internal rules have been read and accepted. The information (services, ideas, operations, web page, privacy of the host, manager or employee and any other information) relating to accommodation in service, are confidential and are the property of LA PETITE VILLA ®, so as to promote to you a good holiday. The information provided, from the registered trademark, is not to disseminate (including posting confidential information online to other sites, or created communication channels other than the host/website) to other websites or distribute, without consent and any user, customers, operators, visitors or others who are concerned by the service mark: is committed to respecting the confidentiality of the data of the establishment, in order to promote good services. You agree to collaborate,to achieve these,above, and comply with the Data Protection Act in Mauritius, the EU-General Data Protection Regulation, and the data protection, privacy, personal data protection laws of your origin country or residential, concerning,the operations of LA PETITE VILLA ®.

LA PETITE VILLA ® is a registered trademark of the Mauritius under the “Patents and Trademarks Act”.

For any information: [email protected]